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Modélisme et impression 3D - Scale Models and 3D printing


Our models, except the Fullcolor models, have to be painted. The painting of our models is done without difficulty even by a novice modeler. It takes as much time as mounting a plastic injected kit for a more satisfactory result.

The house of the Cevennes Village in N

The PLM train station in N

Wagons in HOe :

Matériel utilisé :

  • Water-based acrylic paints
  • UHU universal gel adhesive
  • Fine and very fine brushes
  • Paint palette
  • Cutter
    Transparent plastic sheet
    Canson paper

The High Definition Acrylate material has a number of advantages.

It offers a surface finish, a visual appearance and a level of detail close to the injected plastic.

It is also a material that is flexible and easy to paint. It is only available in glossy black.

The crate is designed to fit directly onto the wagon frame. The addition of glue is not necessary.

The model is delivred in its final state. On somes faces, however, there remain "small pins" corresponding to the "scaffolding" associated with the printing process. They can be sanded easily with a nail file.

On some models there may also be some small supports, see the red arrows on the image opposite (click on the image to enlarge). They must be cut with a burring tool and then sanded the pins that correspond to their fastener points.

Some models, such as the passenger wagon, have an interior in a less detailed material. It fits directly into the crate.

Painting of Acrylate High Definition models can be done directly in acrylic paint such as Fritted polyamide.

It is better to dilute these paints a little (with water for water acrylics) to avoid forming thick layers that fade the details.

The glazing is made with sheets of transparent plastics (Faller / Auhagen ...) glued with UHU universal gel glue. Do not apply glue directly from the tube but rather by taking small amounts of glue with a thin screwdriver for example. Cyanoacrylate glue is not recommended because it whitens this type of plastic.

The curtains of red / white wagon are in Canson paper cut with scissors and pasted behind the glass.

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