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Modélisme et impression 3D - Scale Models and 3D printing


Our models, except the Fullcolor models, have to be painted. The painting of our models is done without difficulty even by a novice modeler. It takes as much time as mounting a plastic injected kit for a more satisfactory result.

The house of the Cevennes Village in N

The PLM train station in N

Alpin Hotel in HO :

This large building has a volume of more than 8 liters!

It is designed as composite kits but with a structure provided in laser cut cardboard.

The walls of the building are made of 2mm gray laser cut cardboard. The pieces are already cut and there is more than to remove them from the board.

The roof is made of 1mm gray cardboard. As for the walls, the pieces are already cut.

This thick cardboard is very finely engraved and cut. Unpainted it looks like this prototype (HO scale quay shelter).

The walls, in cardboard cut with laser, are colored in black inside (strongly advised if one wants to put an interior lighting) and receive a decorative painting on the outside.

The different walls are assembled and glued together.

The wall details are then put on the cardboard structure. Some are in Fritted Polyamide (see the tutorial for painting), others in Acrylic polymer (see the tutorial for painting).

This model brings together a total of 370 added details.

Not to mention the glazing and interior decor, not shown here.

The reinforcements of the roof are then put in place. They fit into the structure but it is better to stick them.

Cut cardboard roofing plates are etched and laser etched. They can be replaced by other manufacturers decor plates.

It only remains to put the details of the roof.

The model finished.

Real example: prototype. The roof is a redutex texture.

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