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Modélisme et impression 3D - Scale Models and 3D printing


Our models, except the Fullcolor models, have to be painted. The painting of our models is done without difficulty even by a novice modeler. It takes as much time as mounting a plastic injected kit for a more satisfactory result.

The house of the Cevennes Village in N

The PLM train station in N

Train station en HO :

Important : the color models are available with two finishes:

- Glossy Full Color Sandstone: glossy varnish
- Natural Full Color Sandstone: Raw matte

Raw matte (default for building interiors) is cheaper but more fragile.

Brilliant varnish (default for exteriors) is more resistant to shocks and water, but its shiny appearance may require the addition of a matte varnish on parts: glossy slates but matte stones for example.

This model reproduces as faithfully as possible the train station of Chenonceau in HO. This building, because of its proximity to the famous castle of the same name, was carefully constructed in a neo-renaissance style. There are also alternating brick layers with blocks of white tuffeau, typical decor of the stations of the Ouest network.

3D color printing is therefore particularly suitable for such a colorful building.

The color models are directly printed in 3D with their final colors. So there is no painting job to do.

This material looks like plaster and is therefore heavier and more fragile than plastic. As a result, it does not tolerate too fine elements.

To ensure its stability and durability, the model is covered with a matte varnish.

On this photo you can see (click on the image to enlarge) that the joints between the bricks (0.3 mm) stand out perfectly. Each brick is not a drawing but a real 3D element underlined by different colors.

The interior of the building is textured giving an interesting appearance once the train station is lit.

It is perfectly conceivable to make a more complex interior or even to create floors and furnitures.

The doorframes are made of a stronger material, sintered polyamide. On the other hand here it is already put in color.

The doorframes are gathered in a cluster.

The only work of the model maker is to separate the elements of the frames (cutter ...), to glue the windows (not provided) and to stick all in the housings provided for this purpose inside.

The finished model.

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